Indiana Structural Engineers Association

About Us

The Indiana Structural Engineers Association was established for the following purposes:

  1. To uphold and preserve the Indiana Registration Act for Professional Engineers and by a mutual cooperation, make the act effective in carrying out its purpose, to safeguard the lives and property of the public.
  2. To advance the art and science of Structural Engineering.
  3. To encourage the pursuit of excellence in engineering work, and give recognition to special acheivement of our fellows.
  4. To foster the idea that engineering services must be performed on the basis of mature practical and technical judgement, independent of commerical interest, and to assist the public in obtaining dependable structural engineering services.
  5. To encourage engineering education.
  6. To maintain the honor and dignity of the profession.
  7. To enlighten the public regarding the responsibilites of Structural Engineering.
  8. To advance proper legislatioin and to oppose improper legislation affecting Structural Engineering practice.
  9. To cooperate with other professional organizations in instances where the several groups should speak or act in matters of legislation, education, public affairs, national defense and other matters.
  10. To cultivate social contacts within its membership by closer association and better mutual understanding.
  11. To afford the public a reasonalbe assurance of the ability and integrity of its membership by requiring that those admitted shall have established and shall maintain a high professional reputation.
  12. To promote the Code of Standard Practice of the ISEA.
  13. To establish the principle of equitable compensation for engineering services.
  14. To secure the unformity of action upon the general principles herin set forth, and upon such policies as may be decided upon from time to time for the good of the profession and public.